Once you peel away all the platitudes, certain things are evident.  People do business with whom they need to.  Often even with people they like.  But they only refer business to people they love.

How can you inspire that kind of love in your clients?  By being the kind of company that knows what its core strengths are, has a clear mission, and is full of people that live and breathe your business.  Nothing is more irresistible to a client than a company that is enthusiastic.

So how can Tangerine Road help?  Well, quickly, for starters, using the Passion Test® for Business, we come into your company, help you identify your unique mission in the business landscape and express it with clarity.  Then we fan out to your employees, discover their key interests and passions, and show them how they align with your company’s mission.  Add a little reinforcement by way of showing your managers how to incorporate these things into their decision-making process.  And some guidance on how to recruit employees who will be the most passionate.  And then we’re out the door, leaving your company on the right road to being more productive, innovative, profitable and with higher retention rates.

Sound good?  Make an appointment.