We believe that people who are doing what they love are the most powerful people of all.  But it isn’t just our fervent belief.  It is backed up by fact.  According to some recent studies, money isn’t the only thing that matters for job satisfaction.  Indeed, it isn’t even the most important thing.  It is how the person feels about what he or she is doing that inspires greater productivity and loyalty.

At Tangerine Road, we help companies and individuals sort through conflicting obligations, interests, dreams and demands on their time.  And we show them how to focus on what is most personally fruitful through a series of exercises that involve self-discovery, decision-making and planning.  One of the tools we use to do this is The Passion Test, a celebrated and proven method for individuals and for businesses.  Jodi Knittel, owner of Tangerine Road, is the only career coach in metro Detroit to be certified to facilitate The Passion Test® for both individuals and businesses.

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