Using the Passion Test system, Jodi helped me get really clear about what I loved most about being a jeweler. I love creating custom pieces for clients! I redesigned the layout of my store and updated my marketing plan to attract more of my ideal customers. As a result, November 2010 was our best sales month and 100% came from custom or repair work. AND December was our best month in FIVE years!!! I highly recommend working with Jodi and Tangerine Road to increase your sales.

Randy Violet, Business Owner

At the beginning of 2010, my business and personal life had stalled. Jodi guided me through the Passion Test for Business system and the results hit me like a lightening bolt. My business has increased by 50% through referrals from clients that love my work. Now, I hardly ever worry about cash flow. The results I achieved through the Passion Test also impacted my personal life in ways that I never would’ve imagined. What an unexpected surprise and achievement to say that my personal life rocks!

Aly Darin, Business Owner

Doing Passion Test work with Jodi is life changing! You know how it is when you get “stuck” and you just can’t move beyond a certain point? That’s where I was… enter Jodi and the Passion Test… and viola! clarity! And with clarity came the long awaited and agonized over change! Finally! Just like that I could get on with my life! Jody is insightful and supportive! Thank you Jodi!

Paula Kirsch, Energy Worker Spiritual Coach

Jodi’s coaching helped me get in touch with the core reasons for why I have my marketing consulting business. Being in touch with those reasons helps keep me motivated and focused.

Marsanne Golsby, PR Expert
Marsanne Golsby & Associates

A business with everyone on the same page and working toward the same objectives—how awesome and exciting for a business!

The individual or business Passion Test, with Jodi’s leadership, helps you set direction for yourself and/or the business. When one knows where they want to go and what they want to accomplish, there isn’t much that can stop them from doing just that. If you want direction for your life and business, then you definitely need to talk with Jodi and follow through with a class. Don’t wait, call her today.

Carol Kirkland, CEO
AVE Office Supplies – The Avenue to All Your Office Needs