When Jodi Knittel walks in the room, one thing is certain:  It’s going to be a good day.  Positive energy abounds.  Any negativity will be immediately dealt with and banished.  Jodi is inquisitive and supportive, and determined to get the best for her clients.

Before becoming a coach and starting Tangerine Road, Jodi spent many years both as an executive recruiter and also an HR manager at a Fortune 500 company.  This gave Jodi an insider’s perspective on what companies are really looking for, whether they’re hiring a new employee or considering the potential of a current employee.  This real-world knowledge combined with a friendly coaching style has been a big hit with her clients. You will find Jodi easy to talk with, nonjudgmental and personally invested in your success.

A native of Arizona and an Air Force brat, Jodi has lived all over the world.  She, her husband and her kids now make their home in Ferndale, Michigan, where you’ll frequently find Jodi speaking and volunteering at local charity events.  For fun, she loves hanging out with her family as well as reading cookbooks and experimenting with new kinds of cuisine.  The tangerine is her favorite fruit.