Know where you’re headed?  Ready to floor it?

With the economic turmoil of the last few years, more people than ever are looking at their lives and deciding to make changes.  They want to spend their time doing something that matters.  Not just for the purpose of making money.  But for the purpose of making a difference.  And also to make themselves happy.

Does this sound like you?  If so, Jodi Knittel, founder of Tangerine Road, is here to help.  Tangerine Road is all about finding fresh strategies.

We work with companies of all sizes, ones that need their employees to be more productive, more energized and more committed.

We work with individuals who are re-evaluating their life choices and career paths, whether it is due to getting downsized, a divorce or just general boredom and dissatisfaction with the track they are on.

As an experienced life coach and executive recruiter, Jodi Knittel of Tangerine Road can help get you back on the right path.  She is a specialist in corporate culture and also at creating and increasing employee engagement, frequently working with engineers and other professionals in the automotive industry.  Jodi is a certified facilitator of The Passion Test®, the nationally renowned method created by Janet Atwood and Chris Attwood to help people live more meaningful lives.  Tangerine Road is located in metro Detroit, Michigan, and serves clients locally and throughout the country.